Our Staff

Hideyuki Kon

Head chef. Originally from Sapporo, he has worked as a Japanese chef in both Sapporo and Kyoto. After serving as the head chef of a five-star hotel’s Japanese restaurant overseas, he returned to Japan, and has become an instructor alongside his work as a chef. In addition to his career in Japanese cuisine, he is also engaged in the study of entirely new gustatory experiences, unbound by genre.

Akihiro Takeshita

Bartender. Worked in the music industry before making the transition to restaurants, running a music bar before joining OPENSAUCE. His unique new cocktails and mocktails are created using mixology principles.

Daiki Kakiuchi

Builds on his experience working as a hotel and French restaurant sommelier in Kanazawa to bring guests new discoveries with each visit, through exceptional wines selected from around the world to perfectly complement each dish.

Daiki Takahashi

His lifelong passion for cooking began during his childhood in Hokkaido. His 2019 runner-up performance at the 2019 All-Japan High School Washoku Grand Prix marked a promising start to a career dedicated to food.

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